Management Group, Inc.

Procurement Assistance 

SNAP’s Procurement Assistance services assist organization's with each aspect of the procurement process, all the way from planning the acquisition, developing solicitations, managing the selection process, contract negotiations, contract management to measuring actual impact.

Project Management 

SNAP assists our client partners with managing and facilitating the implementation of solutions that lead to transformation. Action planning is used as a method to assist your organization in implementing innovative solutions and engaging core stakeholders.

Strategic Planning 

Developing and managing a strategic plan is a critical function to driving and navigating towards maximizing success. SNAP specializes in developing effective plans and removing components that do not yield value. Our customer-needs approach helps our client partners build a vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies and a performance measurement framework.

Performance Review  

SNAP provides a vital and objective 360 analysis of your organization's operations. This approach provides perspectives that lead to operational efficiencies and sustainable performance improvement.

Our Services

Process Improvement 

SNAP enables our clients partners to enhance and optimize their business performance by improving business systems, mapping and redesigning processes, and framing performance measures that provide the basis for evaluating continued improvement.

Quality Assurance

Approach & Methodology

To drive the transformation of an organization, program, or process, SNAP assists our client partners with identifying opportunities that are not yielding maximum value or return on investment.  We evaluate organization dynamics and the performance of programs or processes to determine if they are providing quality services or outcomes that are measurable and repeatable.  SNAP evaluation and analysis determines if they are operating according to related industry best practices.

To enhance value, SNAP assists our client partners with developing and implementing practical and effective solutions. Developing a road map or action plan to support your organization’s implementation requires a shared vision from every stakeholder.  SNAP specializes in using action planning as a method to assist your organization in implementing innovative solutions from program and process reviews. A combination of quantitative and qualitative tools may be used based on our client partner’s needs including incorporating feedback from external stakeholders and customers.​

Organizational Change 

Change is inevitable in any organization. SNAP's Transformation support & Organization diagnostic analysis can help mitigate the numerous risks that accompany change and ensure alignment with the organization's strategic initiatives and culture.

To ensure quality services, SNAP submits all deliverables to an internal Quality Assurance Team. This strategy serves as a means for peer review and as a valuable tool for integration among all contributors engaged with the project.

The Quality Assurance Team will review substantive work product, challenge methodologies, and approve deliverables prior to distribution. All deliverables and major analytical efforts will conform to a consistent format and comprehensive work plan.